The lazy man’s approach to content strategy

Posted on 17 Jun 2013 in News, Slider | 0 comments

During some online reconnaissance I caught a tweet that about sent me over the edge. It was promoting an app called Bundle Post. Nothing against BundlePost, Really. It was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. BundlePost is an app that pulls from tools like Google Alerts and Hootsuite to find, collect and post […]

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Who defines your brand?

Posted on 15 May 2013 in News, Slider | 0 comments

You might think that you have complete control over how your company is perceived in the media, but a PR misstep can quickly secure your position as the laughingstock of the Interwebs if not handled adeptly. Nothing goes viral – and stays viral — more quickly than a company crashing and burning right in front […]

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Facebook’s premium messaging service

Posted on 22 Feb 2013 in News, Slider | 0 comments

I was on a webinar yesterday where Matthew Shadbolt was the guest speaker. If you don’t know him, he’s one of the geniuses behind The Corcoran Group’s highly successful social media strategy. And if I still haven’t connected the dots for you… The Corcoran Group — for those not in the real estate or social […]

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Facebook’s New Graph Search and How You Can Use It

Posted on 31 Jan 2013 in News, Slider | 0 comments

I got tagged in a comment on Facebook this morning and when I went to see what it was (a photo of an adorable Pug named Chewy at the local shelter, someone knows my propensity towards puggies), and as I opened my page, I was greeted with this message, “Good news! You’re off the waiting […]

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8 Tips for How to Work with Bloggers

Posted on 21 Sep 2012 in News, Slider | 0 comments

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