PUMP jeans

Dallas Italian Fashion Week

The Italians are coming, and they’re ready to show Dallas what fashion and design is all about – Texas style.PUMP jeans

Thanks to a collaborative effort between the City of Dallas and the Italian American Chamber of Commerce*, Dallas’ first ever Italian Fashion Week will showcase many talented Italian designers including:

  • Lucia Odescalchi – Rome jewelry designer whose day and evening pieces combine materials including fossils, chin mail and mother of pearl
  • Pump (Antonio D’Amico & Massimo Lotti)  – a new collection of couture jeans, made entirely in Italy, in a chic, western style, but with a decidedly urban look, for men and women
  • Stella Jean – Award-winning, trend-setting Italian-Haitian designer whose deigns have been featured in the New York Times (more…)
dallas top fashion bloggers

Dallas Top Fashion Bloggers

dallas top fashion bloggers

It’s no secret that bloggers can make the interwebs sing when it comes to events and promotions. Here’s our list of Dallas’ top fashion bloggers based on their SEO skills and their social swagger, aka klout score:

1)   Pink Memo DallasMaxine Trowbridge (61) – if you want to know what’s on the design scene in Dallas, you simply must bookmark this page. Maxine Trowbridge is a business woman in her own right, a Brit, and a downright know it all when it comes to what’s fashion-happening in Big D.

2)   Krystal Schlegel (blog by same name) (49) – Krystal’s “The Style Book” marries high and low price points while mixing in classics so that your budget isn’t blown with every new fashion season.

3)   OhSoCynthiaCynthia Smoot (65) – While Cynthia isn’t purely a fashion blogger, we’re giving her street cred regardless because we can – and because she’s in the elite fashion mix, dresses impeccably and has a great social influence.

4)   DFW Style DailyLisa Petty (48) Long-time journalist turned fashion blogger, her roots run deeper than an ombre hair dye job and noted http://casinoscapital.com/, she’s well-connected in the local Dallas fashion industry. (more…)

American Advertising Federation-Amarillo Speaker Trip

The song, “Amarillo by morning…” was in my head since my eyes popped open at 5:15 a.m.

I had never been to Amarillo, and this was the day to scratch it off my bucket list.

The AAF-Amarillo (American Advertising Federation – Amarillo) invited me to come speak to their group about Content Marketing and today was the day. Woot!

Little did I know that my hosts for the next 5 hours would be like tour guides on steroids. I was prepared to camp out at the airport surrounded by work, but they had another plan in store.  Before we even got to their lunch venue, I had visited the Travel Channel’s darling: the Big Texan Restaurant, (no, I did not eat at 72 ounce steak… that would spoil my lunch)

the big texan, amarillo, texas the big texan, amarillo, texas (more…)

IFTTT changing the way we work

There’s a new app taking the interwebs by storm, making our lives easier and more automated. Yes, I used both of “easier” and “automated” in the same sentence and I meant it.

Introducing IFTTT. Stands for If This, Then That.

Basically IFTTT is a service that has taken the many, many different codes and API’s from online behemoths like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Worldpress, Instagram, etc. hereby called “channels,” and linked and automated their services for you through what they term “recipes.”

Think of it like this:

  • When you change your profile photo in Facebook, it automagically updates your profile photo in Twitter. (more…)

LinkedIn Polls: What They Are and How To Use Them

I am teaching a class on becoming a LinkedIn Master this week so I thought it only prudent to do a little test run on one of LinkedIn’s more interesting features: Polls.

I’ll admit – I ran this poll briefly out of a) curiosity and b) blog fodder. And I succeeded on both fronts.

Here’s what I found.linkedin polls

It’s REALLY easy to start a poll. The harder part is making up the question. I went for the painfully obvious.

My Poll Question: How much time do you spend on LinkedIn to generate leads? (more…)

Top 10 Agent Reboot Tips That Anyone Can Use

He has a bit of a rock star following among the real estate technology geeks. And the perfectly coiffed “Astro Boy” hair to prove it.

Chris Smith, the real estate tech guru, rolled into Dallas again this year for Inman News’ Agent Reboot, charmed and enchanted his throngs of followers with a well-synchronized introduction of his tech elite industry friends, leaving the audience with extensive to-do lists and brains whizzing with possibilities.

Long considered to be the on the bleeding edge of real estate technology, it’s no wonder that Chris first came on my radar years ago as the co-founder of Tech Savvy agent. As the current Chief Evangelist for Inman News, Chris has knack for envisioning the future of the real estate industry while most are still relying on direct mail and cold calls to get their business to grow. This instinct makes him a must follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+… (the list goes on), and to be in his mere physical presence inspires one to up their online game — yesterday. And the fact that he never sits down is enough to make anyone stockpile 5-hour energy drinks just to keep up. (more…)

The DIY Online Marketing Events Series

TPG Business Services Presents The DIY Online Marketing Series This unique membership series will teach you the secrets to staying ahead of your competition by sharpening your skills and strategizing your online marketing efforts. Both Live In-Person sessions and webinars available.    Topics for the Live In-Person sessions and webinars available. Twitter for Business Read more…