I was on a webinar yesterday where Matthew Shadbolt was the guest speaker. If you don’t know him, he’s one of the geniuses behind The Corcoran Group’s highly successful social media strategy. And if I still haven’t connected the dots for you… The Corcoran Group — for those not in the real estate or social media worlds – is reveared as the leader of how the evolved real estate brokerage creates engagement and generates leads. Okay, so think Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. If she’s on Shark Tank, you know they have social swagger.

Matthew Shadbolt’s presentation was solid, I’m always interested in what tools other groups are using and relieved that I was engaged with many of them.  He highlighted one of my favorite apps, IFTTT, and provided a screen shot of how The Corcoran Group utilizes it. I use IFTTT quite a bit, but there was a detail on there I was unfamiliar with so I did what any resourceful content ninja (what I now call myself) does. I used Facebook’s new graph search to hunt him down to send him a message.

facebook matthew shadbolt

I opted to “follow” Matthew Shadbolt as we have the option on Facebook to do… Mashable aptly describes this feature as the “stalker button.” I’m sure Matthew is keen to know that I am now cyber stalking him on Facebook. And furthermore, I chose to send Matthew Shadbolt a message regarding my query.

And it triggered this screen. Pick one: “Send this message to his Inbox for $1.00.” Or “Just send this message to his ‘Other’ folder.”

facebook messages

Seriously. Facebook is now upselling the opportunity to direct message a complete stranger that you may or may not be cyber stalking. If you don’t pony up their ransom, you can bet your subscriber list that they’re sending your message to Matthew’s spam email, never to see the light of day. Just one more way Facebook is adding to their coiffures: ads, promoted posts, paid messaging… And apparently, the value of your message corresponds to the popularity of the individual you’d like to message with. Where Matthew may cost $1.00, Mark Zuckerberg’s bounty could be $100. Suddenly we have a new method in which to compare our social self-worth.

I’ll try anything once… so I paid Facebook’s finders fee.

facebook paid messaging

We’ll see if I get a response from Matthew Shadbolt. If I do, then it was no doubt worth the $1.

facebook message

 What do you think? Would you or do you use the premium messaging feature on Facebook?

UPDATE: Yes, the experiment did in fact work. Matthew responded to my message and gave me the insight I was looking for. Best $1 I’ve spent in a very long time.