There’s a new app taking the interwebs by storm, making our lives easier and more automated. Yes, I used both of “easier” and “automated” in the same sentence and I meant it.

Introducing IFTTT. Stands for If This, Then That.

Basically IFTTT is a service that has taken the many, many different codes and API’s from online behemoths like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Worldpress, Instagram, etc. hereby called “channels,” and linked and automated their services for you through what they term “recipes.”

Think of it like this:

  • When you change your profile photo in Facebook, it automagically updates your profile photo in Twitter.
  • You need to write yourself a note but you’re driving. Call and leave yourself a voicemail, it will send you an email reminder.
  • Post to your WordPress website and it will promote it on your Facebook FanPage
  • Synching Google+ updates with your other social media platforms.

Has your adreneline started to pump? Are you getting a better understanding of the power of this yet? There are currently 41 channels to choose from including what I mentioned above plus LinkedIn, CraigsList, Evernote, Digg, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo…

The variety of linked services with IFTTT is ginormous,  if you can’t utilize one of more than 400,000 possible IFTTT recipes to fit your needs, then you need to hop on back to the 70’s and find your happy place.

Here’s a list of one author’s top ten “recipes.” It’s written for real estate agents, but I didn’t see one on there that was exclusive to the industry. They are seriously cool. Check it out here.

I know, I know. You’re hesitant to give this new company a go, after all they need all your logins. I was too at first. I started slowly with a recipe that solved an issue I have had for some time. How to add a new post to my WordPress blog and have it promoted on my Facebook Business Page. I plugged in the recipe, posted and waited. IFTTT says that the tasks are checked once every 15 minutes. After 20 minutes I was about to dismiss this whole IFTTT craze as folly, got distracted (shocking) and came back 30 minutes later and it was gloriously on my Facebook page. I have since done another run at it with the same pleasing results.

And that my friends, means that I am ALL IN.

Now, tell me what you’re IFTTTing today!