I am teaching a class on becoming a LinkedIn Master this week so I thought it only prudent to do a little test run on one of LinkedIn’s more interesting features: Polls.

I’ll admit – I ran this poll briefly out of a) curiosity and b) blog fodder. And I succeeded on both fronts.

Here’s what I found.linkedin polls

It’s REALLY easy to start a poll. The harder part is making up the question. I went for the painfully obvious.

My Poll Question: How much time do you spend on LinkedIn to generate leads?

The results are amazingly dissectible. I can tell you the gender, age and employment seniority for the breakdown of respondents for EACH question. It has a lovely graphical interface and albeit, slightly addicting…

Of the whopping 14 people who answered my poll (and because they did not comment, I don’t know who they are):

  • 36% spend 10 minutes a week on linked in, 29% spend 10 minutes a day on linked in, 21% “live” on LinkedIn, and 14% didn’t know LinkedIn was good for lead generation.
  • There were 7 men and 4 women who participated in my poll (I am not sure where the other three fall…) and mostly fall into the 37 – 44 age category.
  • Of the three who claim to “live” on LinkedIn, 2 are female, one male and are aged 18 – 36. No surprise there as the younger set gravitates to the social media platforms.

Granted, people may have been a bit skeptical of my poll, thinking it was a shill for LinkedIn. Or it could be that my peer group isn’t on LinkedIn. Hmmm.

I see a number of polls that went unanswered so I am not disappointed. However, as I scan some of the other more popular topics, I notice that there are seriously high levels of interaction on some of these:

  • Which one of these CRM providers wil be the leader in 5 years? (11,056 votes)
  • What is the most important quality that you can’t find on a resume? (385 votes)
  • What is the best company incentive that motivates you? (337)
  • A good night’s sleep may not mean 8 straight hours. How much rest do you need? Explain in the comments (4129 votes) 65% of people share my response with this one…
  • How many of your LinkedIn Connections do you REALLY “know” personally or professional? (613 votes +1, I just voted.)

I suspect some of these polls were promoted in groups (I didn’t do this) and other social media platforms. Of which I will do NEXT TIME. And there will be a next time, you can count on it.

Overall, I am highly intrigued by LinkedIn Polls. Not only can not only get a real business question answered, you can use the information from LinkedIn Polls to further your position as an expert —  whether you post the poll or NOT — because you can still VIEW the results.

Here’s how to create your own poll: Go to the successessay “More” tab on the top menu (or if you have a different LinkedIn page, go to polls.linkedin.com), the drop down has “Polls.” On the left, click the button with the green plus sign that says, “Create new poll.” Brilliant. I would highly recommend it for – well, the above two reasons. And that you can become an instant expert just by reading other polls – or your own.

What do you think? How are you going to use LinkedIn Polls for your business?


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