Top 10 Agent Reboot Tips That Anyone Can Use

He has a bit of a rock star following among the real estate technology geeks. And the perfectly coiffed “Astro Boy” hair to prove it.

Chris Smith, the real estate tech guru, rolled into Dallas again this year for Inman News’ Agent Reboot, charmed and enchanted his throngs of followers with a well-synchronized introduction of his tech elite industry friends, leaving the audience with extensive to-do lists and brains whizzing with possibilities.

Long considered to be the on the bleeding edge of real estate technology, it’s no wonder that Chris first came on my radar years ago as the co-founder of Tech Savvy agent. As the current Chief Evangelist for Inman News, Chris has knack for envisioning the future of the real estate industry while most are still relying on direct mail and cold calls to get their business to grow. This instinct makes him a must follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+… (the list goes on), and to be in his mere physical presence inspires one to up their online game — yesterday. And the fact that he never sits down is enough to make anyone stockpile 5-hour energy drinks just to keep up. (more…)