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Boogie Board RIP Review and Giveaway

I am an Apple junkie. Any Apple product, I either have it or I have it on my wish list. I love my iPad, and when I bought it, my number one desire was to be able to use it to take electronic hand-written notes in meetings. Except, it’s really terrible at that. (I’m sorry Apple, but it is.) The apps that are available do not simulate a writing tablet effectively, penmanship is a challenge, it’s difficult to save them, and it’s not intuitive. It’s just altogether cumbersome. Old fashioned paper is better and if I lose a 99 cent pen, no biggie. Lose a stylus and you could be out $40 bucks.

So when I walked into my office meeting last week toting the Boogie Board RIP – there was a gasp of surprise, all eyes were on me.

“What? She’s got something that’s not an Apple product? Let me see that…” (more…)