TPG Business Services is a marketing consultancy founded in March of 2000 by Trista Perot. Yep, we have a boring name because we’ve been around THAT long. No, we weren’t tempted to change it to some trendy or off-beat, phonetically spelled or weird fruit name just to get your attention. We’re here to put the attention on you, not on us. We’re your wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Our favorite client is a company without a marketing department, one that appreciates the necessity of creative conversations online, inbound lead generation, and the essentials of digital marketing, but doesn’t have a dedicated team to execute any of that well. That’s where we can shine. TPG Business Services is your outsourced digital marketing team. All the effort, without the cost of employee overhead or those hefty agency retainers.

TPG Business Services clients run the gamut of industries: technology, real estate, commercial and residential plumbing, insurance, religious organizations, M&A… Our broad expertise lends itself to both B2B and B2C clients, top performing agents and small to medium sized businesses.

Founder: Trista Perot

If you haven’t met Trista and her team, they’re simplifying the new world of digital marketing and social media for their clients which run the gamut of industries. Trista brings a love of marketing to the table with more than 25 years of  traditional marketing and public relations experience, plus more than a decade serving clients in the transactional arena.

Born from the era of old school journalism, Trista has an undergraduate degree from Ohio University in News Writing & Editing, and two masters degrees from Louisiana State University in both Marketing and Mass Communications. She’s a previous president of the American Marketing Association, as well as a licensed real estate agent, and has had designations as a CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) from the IBBA (International Association of Business Brokers) and a BCB (Board Certified Business Broker) from the Texas Association of Business Brokers.

But that’s not what you really care about. How did she get to be such a social media nerd?

After taking a leave of absence from business brokerage to have her first child, Trista needed to fill her pipeline again with clients. This was ideally timed during the emergence of social media as it turned marketing on its ear. So she did what every true marketing person does – she relied on her instincts and learned how to use the new tools so she could get the phone to ring.

She started blogging. And tweeting. And creating facebook fan pages. And optimizing her LinkedIn presence. And making videos.

trista perotPeople noticed.

Then those people asked to become clients.

Trista’s philosophy has and always will be to keep costs low — for everyone. If you budget is small, start small. But start.

If your budget is big, don’t waste it. Be smart about how you’re spending it in the wild wild world of digital marketing. Doing something for the sake of doing something doesn’t make sense either. Measure it or forget it, and don’t throw good money after bad marketing.

Trista is passionate about educating her clients so that they are empowered and understand their digital marketing activities — and can even DO them too! One of her favorite ways to spend an afternoon is leading a hands-on workshop for executive teams. Ask about her workshops and tailor one for your organization. You can learn more about Trista’s background by visiting her LinkedIn profile, and